How do I get started with Android application development with only basic programming knowledge?

Android App Development offers a large market potential, given that Android is one of the most frequently used operating systems in smartphones today. It has a large market share because to Google’s strong support and the fact that many mobile companies use it as their primary operating system. Android App Development has a lot of advantages that will help you advance in your career.

What is Android App Development?

The production of an android-based mobile application for your company is referred to as Android app development. As an Android app developer, you should have a basic understanding of Java and C++. It’s a must-have skill for anyone interested in developing Android apps.

Software Development Toolkits

To get started as an Android developer, Android offers the following software development toolkits:

  • Integrated Development Kit
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Software Development Kit for Java (JDK)

SDK is a set of tools for creating, debugging, and emulating applications. The IDE provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for accessing SDK features as well as a coding interface. The chosen IDE is Android Studio. SDK Manager informs you that SDK packages are bundled together in Android Studio. JDK is a program that interprets Java programs and is installed on your computer.

Environment for Android App Development

It’s critical to choose an IDE for programming before beginning to construct an Android app.

The greatest overall IDE for getting started is Android Studio. Google’s Android SDK, NDK, Java, and Kotlin, as well as all necessary Android SDK tools and emulators, are all included in the IDE download. Native Android apps can be created in either Java or Kotlin, and both languages are supported by Android Studio.

Install Android Studio and Android Development Environment

You will need an entity to write code and perform many functions when programming in any language. It’s referred to as the IDE.

Android Studio is the most popular choice because it is specifically developed for Android development. This means it has a lot of software, such as Android SDK and Android Virtual Device, that you may use to test your apps.

To get started with the IDE, you’ll need to download Java. Similarly, because app programming is done in Java, you’ll need to install the Java Development Kit (JDK). Open Android Studio after you’ve completed all of the preceding steps. When it opens, you’ll see a menu where you may start the project or adjust certain settings.

When you use Android Studio to create apps, there are basically three components that interact:

  • Android Studio is the program that you use to write the code for your app.
  • The Java code you write.
  • And the Android SDK, which you will use to do Android-related stuff using Java code.

Deploy the Emulator and Run on Android Studio and a Real Device

You can use Emulator to launch your software. You can also use your device to execute it. The Android Emulator allows you to test your app on a variety of Android devices and API levels without needing to own each one.

The Emulator replicates almost every aspect of a real Android device. You may simulate incoming phone calls and text messages, set the device’s location, test different network speeds, rotate and test other hardware sensors, and access the Google Play Store, among other things.

In some ways, testing a software on an emulator is faster and easier than testing it on a physical device.

For example, you can transfer data to the emulator faster than you can to a USB-Connected Device. For a range of Android Phones, Tablets, Wear OS, and Android TV Devices, the emulator provides pre-configured options.


It’s all the trend these days to learn Android app development in order to advance your profession and earn more money. There are several career options for developers, with organizations willing to pay top dollar for high-quality work.

As a result, it’s understandable that a large number of people are interested in this field. However, in order to seize this chance, you must first understand android app development.